March 31st, 2009 by Lincoln Baxter III

PrettyFaces v1.2.3_RC2 Released


Version 1.2.3_RC2: binary, source, documentation (stable) Minor Release: 20090331
  1. Servlet forwards are working
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March 19th, 2009 by Lincoln Baxter III

PrettyFaces v1.2.3_RC1 Released


Version 1.2.3_RC1: binary, source, documentation (stable) Minor Release: 20090319
  1. Managed query-params now accept multiple parameters of the same name: E.g.: String[] names — would accept a list of parameters (with the same name) from the request
  2. Enhanced configuration loading — PrettyFaces now looks for /META-INF/pretty-config.xml by default, in addition to accepting a comma-separated list of user config-files in the web.xml init param: com.ocpsoft.pretty.CONFIG_FILES — submitted by Aleksei Valikov
  3. JSP support for standard attributes on the pretty:link tag has been fixed. The pretty link will now accept style=’mystyle’ and other attributes — from Derek Hollis at OcpSoft
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February 4th, 2009 by Lincoln Baxter III

Ocpsoft PrettyFaces is in Maven!

Maven JSF users can be relieved, PrettyFaces is now in the Maven central repository: To include PrettyFaces in a Maven project, add the following dependency to your POM.

<dependency> <groupId>com.ocpsoft</groupId> <artifactId>ocpsoft-pretty-faces</artifactId> <version>{version}</version> </dependency>

Special thanks to Ryan DeLaplante at for helping me get this set up! He wrote the initial POM and helped me to get started learning Maven… now I’m hooked.
December 8th, 2008 by Lincoln Baxter III

PrettyFaces 1.1.0 Released

A new release of the PrettyFaces JSF extension for Bookmarkable/Pretty URLs is now availible for download. This release includes several new features.