It costs over one-hundred dollars each month ($100) to keep our website running, in addition to the unpaid time spent by several contributors to keep the site free of spam and full of high-quality content. With your generous support, we can solve more bugs, keep improvements coming, and make life easier for everyone who wants to do URL-rewriting and time-formatting in Java. Your contributions help us keep this site, and our continuous integration server online.

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Thank you for your generous support. There are many ways to give back to our Projects – with code, blogs, tweets, financial support – and we are very grateful! This is a list of donors who have contributed their hard earned money to keep our project running. We also keep a list of contributors who have sent patches or been leaders in the OCPsoft community.

Community Allies

We are also proud to recommend our community allies: companies or individuals who have contributed to our success via blogs, software donations, or in other ways.