TopDecked MTG, the latest project from OCPSoft, is changing the way players find and attend Magic: The Gathering events.

We fundamentally believe that players love to play, together, and we want to do everything we can to make sure that Magic enthusiasts can enjoy the game – their way. We’re building a community where even the smallest formats can be enjoyed, across the world. By creating an easy way for players to find events, and each other – bridging the gap between stores and the larger community – our app is bringing more players together to play, your way.

This is why we’ve created TopDecked, an app for players to find events, register, pay, submit decklists, get pairings, results, and share their successes, all from one convenient place.

TopDecked is the new home of the MTG local event community.

Check out TopDecked – Play, your way..

Available on the Apple and Google App Stores:

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