September 4th, 2010 by Team

PrettyFaces 3.1.0 released: URL-rewriting for Servlet & JSF

Features & Enhancements:

  • Introducing URL mapping configuration with annotations (tutorial + docs)
  • Added path and query-parameter validation wth managed bean methods (#50 + r353)
  • Added support for JSF2 redirects using ExternalContext (r305)
  • Added support for arrays as query parameters (r278)

Regression impact:

  • The URL query string is now included in rewrite-rules; this allows for finer control of the rewriting engine (Any prior rewrite rules should be revised and re-tested)
  • PrettyContext.getCurrentURL() has been replaced with PrettyContext.getRequestURL() and PrettyContext.getRequestQueryString()


  • Resolved Mojarra warning “Request path ‘/faces/url.xhtml’ begins with one or more occurrences of the FacesServlet prefix path mapping ‘/faces’.” when using path mapping (#43 + r379)
  • Resolved Deployment warning on Geronimo (#58 + r364)
  • URL Path Expressions now match correctly when more than one expression is used between path segments (r362)
  • Resolved ClassNotFoundException with JSF 1.2 on JBoss6 (#54 + r360)
  • Resolved failed deployment due to ClassNotFoundException on Geronimo (#59 + r369)

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