August 24th, 2008 by Lincoln Baxter III

Ajax4Jsf <a4j:form data=”broken!”>

A4J:Form is missing several specified ajax functions

(View this issue on the JBoss tracker here. Keep reading, there is a fix… download fix)

The issue:

When using the a4j:form component, the data=”#{}” the properties defined in the data element list are supposed to be available after the a4j event in the data JavaScript variable; however, with <a4j:form> the attribute is not correctly causing the JavaScript data variable to be populated. The data variable is always undefined, even if the managed bean property is set to a valid value. This is exhibited by the alert box as the value is displayed, “(undefined)”.




The workaround:

Taking a look at the source code revealed that the <a4j:form> was not in fact including this behavior at all in the broadcast() method, which is where the data element processing occurs in the <a4j:commandButton>.


    /* (non-Javadoc)
     * @see javax.faces.component.UIComponentBase#broadcast(javax.faces.event.FacesEvent)
     public void broadcast(FacesEvent event)
               throws AbortProcessingException {
          // perform default
          super .broadcast(event);
          if (event instanceof  AjaxEvent) {
               // complete re-Render fields. AjaxEvent deliver before render response.


In fact, however, if we modify the <a4j:form> broadcast() method to behave like its <a4j:commandButton> relative, we can still achieve this functionality!

Updated: UIAjaxForm.broadcast()

    public void broadcast(final FacesEvent event) throws AbortProcessingException
        if (event instanceof AjaxEvent)
            Object data = this.getData();
            AjaxContext ajaxContext = AjaxContext.getCurrentInstance(context);
            if (null != data)
            String focus = this.getFocus();
            if (null != focus)
                UIComponent focusComponent = RendererUtils.getInstance().findComponentFor(this, focus);
                if (null != focusComponent)
                    focus = focusComponent.getClientId(context);
                ajaxContext.getResponseDataMap().put(AjaxActionComponent.FOCUS_DATA_ID, focus);


We’re set! I don’t particularly like to repeat this code, so I may get around to refactoring everything and submitting it back to the Ajax4JSF project. For now, though, this blog will have to do. I believe other functionality that was also broken included both the focus=”elementId” and the oncomplete=”javascriptCode”. As always, please feel free to improve and comment on this. Enjoy!

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