September 15th, 2013 by Lincoln Baxter III

Rewrite 2.0.7.Final Released – Bug fixes and enhancements

We are glad to announce the latest version of [[Rewrite]], servlet toolkit and URL-rewriting extensions. This release includes serveral bug fixes and enhancements:

Simplified Configuration

We heard you! It is now much easier to register ConfigurationProvider objects. You can forget about creating a service file, and simply use the convenient @RewriteConfiguration annotation:

import org.ocpsoft.logging.Logger.Level;
import org.ocpsoft.rewrite.annotation.RewriteConfiguration;
import org.ocpsoft.rewrite.config.Configuration;
import org.ocpsoft.rewrite.config.ConfigurationBuilder;
import org.ocpsoft.rewrite.config.Log;
import org.ocpsoft.rewrite.servlet.config.HttpConfigurationProvider;

public class ApplicationConfigurationProvider extends HttpConfigurationProvider
   public Configuration getConfiguration(ServletContext context)
      return ConfigurationBuilder.begin()
         .perform(Log.message(Log.message(Level.INFO, "Rewrite is active.")))

   public int priority()
      return 0;

Issues resolved

Upgrade to 2.0.7.Final

Read the installation guide, or configuration manual.


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