July 26th, 2010 by Team

Logo-Contest: PrettyFaces needs a “face” for the future

Rules and encouragement:

  • High-resolution, transparent-background, SVG or PNG (preferred, at least 1500×1500 px, for T-shirts)
  • Should look professional and honor the project namesake.
  • Cute eyelashes, and the use of cute animals or figures are both highly encouraged but not required.
  • The logo should be cute, friendly, and crisp.
  • The use of semi-3D perspective is encouraged, Show us something “Pretty!”
  • Logos should include a round or square-ish component (such as the “question-cube” above, so that it can be iconified,) words optional but encouraged.

Submissions and voting:

Send your entries by via email to: admin@ocpsoft.com. Be sure to include:
  • your name
  • the entry (as a SVG/PNG attachment) – submit as many as you please
  • your website or company (if you wish to be referenced should your entry be the winner)
Entries will be screened for any inappropriate graphics or potential trademark problems (we don’t want to get sued!) Voting will begin in three weeks (Monday, August 16th) unless more time is required (within reason.)

Fine print

By submitting an entry: if you win the contest, you grant us permission to use, redistribute, or modify your image in any way! We have to be able to use it, or what’s the point of giving you a T-Shirt? 🙂

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