December 14th, 2009 by Lincoln Baxter III

A winter tale of Java Server Faces

As a member of the JSF 2 expert group, I’ve stated that my primary goal is to make JSF, and J2EE, more accessible to the community at large, to reach out and make sure that people’s voices are heard, and that what we are doing makes sense. I’ve only been part of the group for a little under a year, but I’ve met some pretty cool people, and you’d be surprised at how interested they all are to hear your story. Here’s an email from David Geary (a long-time EG member) to the Expert Group, that I think paints a very nice picture of people’s reaction to JSF and JSF2, author of Core Java Server Faces (Core JSF):

Now, I – for one – find this exciting! This is another great sign that we’ve done things right with JSF2. The best part is, we are only going to keep improving. Want to get involved? Tweet your suggestion using #jsf2next – or put issues directly into the JSF2 Issue Tracker (all you need to do is register for, or use your existing account.)

What does the future hold? That’s up to you to decide… For more information on JSF 2 features, a getting started guide, how to give feedback, get involved, and why JSF 2 is a leading web-framework, visit

You can read this email on David’s blog, here:

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    Hey Lincoln,
    the link to is broken, you’ve missed the http://

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