December 2nd, 2009 by Lincoln Baxter III

JSF2 – Engaging the Community

JSF2 is an amazing web-framework, and as part of our initiative to engage the community, Dan Allen, Andy Schwartz, Kito Mann, the rest of the Expert Group, and I have been putting together a “JSF Root Node” (as Ed Burns put it.) A website to be the first place people go to when they think of JSF.

Goals of the site

  • Provide a definitive starting point for users to get involved with JSF.
  • Provide information “About JSF”, Information about the Spec, “Getting Started”, “Documentation”, “FAQ”, Community Involvement, and anything else that we all think necessary to engage and promote our user-base.
  • The site will “out-link” as appropriate to additional resources.
  • Promote ourselves as a competitive/welcoming solution in the Java-web framework community, both at the corporate and consumer/developer level.


We intend for this site to be comparable to and, to look and feel attractive, and to really draw people into the JSF world. There are some resources on the way to help get this shell/stopgap site off of google sites, and on to a real web-server, with real functionality, and a smooth look & feel.

It’s my personal goal to get this site written using JSF itself, and to make it the product of all of our ideas put together.

This site is for all of us, to benefit all of us, and the initial announcement is a little late. But if people ask how they can get started with JSF, we should all be pointing them to the same place:

Why now?

Well it’s simple: Yes, we’re late, but better late than never. With JSF2 just released, and the JSFSummit Conference under-way, what better time to get people together around JSF2 during these two notable events?

I won’t get started about why this wasn’t taken care of when SUN first released JSF 1.0, but long story short, it’s getting fixed now.

What should we include on this site?

This depends on you, the community. Since JSF is the new Java EE 6 standard web-application framework, more and more people are going to be getting involved. What do you want to know? How can we best help you get started? Please let us know, and enjoy 😉 Like I said, JSF2 is a spectacular web framework – post your comments here and let us know what information you want to see about it.

How to get started in 5 minutes:

This is so simple, just check it out:

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  1. ah… very soon, you can update the MyFaces version be 2.0.0 🙂

  2. ludo says:

    Well, the download page does not point to GlassFish v3…

    Will it soon?

  3. […] das soll die Seite als Einstieg für alle JSF-Programmierer werden! Entdeckt habe ich sie via (dort findet man im Übrigen PrettyFaces, eine Erweiterung für “schöne” URLs bei […]

  4. Jason Lee says:

    Hey, Lincoln, et al. Site looks great. Let me know how I can help.

  5. Dan Allen says:

    @ludo The link to GlassFish V3, along with an explanation of its relevance, has been added to the downloads page.

  6. Dan Allen says:

    Lincoln, can you give Jason Lee edit access?

  7. Dominik says:

    Hi Lincoln,

    could you add my blog, as well as Martin Ahrer to the list of community blogs?

    Also a link to my Spring Security JSF 2 Taglib Project
    would be nice!


  8. Lincoln says:

    I added yours, but the other one doesn’t really look like a blog. You should talk to the guy who runs to have your plugin listed there… click the “Submit a Link” link at the top of the page.

  9. Dominik says:

    ah, it should be

    I’ll add the taglib on

  10. rainwebs says:

    Good marketing strategy.

    Will we get a Wiki? I think we should have sub pages for all the frameworks and let the contributors edit these. If Ted has no time left I can do this for ICEfaces. I already implemented the ICElocator some weeks ago:

    Please, also add RichFaces, PrimeFaces and ICEfaces to the list “How does JSF get improved?”? We should also mention MyFaces on the first page.

    I miss a book list ;-).

    If you’re already collecting blogs you can add

    It’s also the support reference for my book.

    Ho do you plan to incorporate JSFcentral content in the future? Seems to be a bit of a competition at the moment to me.

  11. Kito D. Mann says:

    @rainwebs isn’t intended to compete against JSFCentral — it’s intended to be more of a project web site, like Grails or Wicket would have.

    In terms of updating pages for component libraries, that’s one of the things on tap for JSFCentral. We’ll also be cleaning up the book section there. Please post ideas for here and vote as well:

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  13. Lincoln says:

    Making good progress on the site. LOTS of good information and a new layout. Check it out at

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