November 10th, 2011 by Lincoln Baxter III

PrettyFaces at JAXCon Munich

We are proud to highlight Christian Kaltepoth, who gave a fabulous presentation on [[PrettyFaces]] at WJAX/JAXCon in Munich on Wednesday, November 10th – 2011. Christan presented with Andy Bosch, who gave a short intro of URL-rewriting, what it means for applications in general, and why you should do URL-rewriting. Christian then took over after roughly 15 minutes, and began to highlight [[PrettyFaces]], and how it streamlines and simplifies JSF development by introducing page-load actions, simplified navigation, injection of values parsed, converted, and validated directly from the URL, and translation of existing non-RESTful application URLs into well-designed, clean, human-readable URLs. The demo application, which was both stylish and comprehensive, is available online. If you are interested in applying [[PrettyFaces]] to an existing or new application, be sure to check out the examples. Overall the talk, which was given in native German, was very interesting. Unfortunately we do not have a translation of the presentation into English, but the slides are posted below, and there is a lot of good information. Funniest quote from the talk, “Nobody likes a 3-kilometer URL.” — So very true! So thanks Christian, you and Andy did a fantastic job. We hope to see you up on stage again soon!
Lincoln Baxter, III

About the author:

Lincoln Baxter, III is the Chief Editor of Red Hat Developers, and has worked extensively on JBoss open-source projects; most notably as creator & project lead of JBoss Forge, author of Errai UI, and Project Lead of JBoss Windup. This content represents his personal opinions, not those of his employer.

He is a founder of OCPsoft, the author of PrettyFaces and Rewrite, the leading URL-rewriting extensions for Servlet, Java EE, and Java web frameworks; he is also the author of PrettyTime, social-style date and timestamp formatting for Java. When he is not swimming, running, or playing competitive Magic: The Gathering, Lincoln is focused on promoting open-source software and making technology more accessible for everyone.

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