May 4th, 2013 by Daniel Sachse

Migrating from PrettyFaces to Rewrite – Simplicity meets power

Hi Java web-developers. I hope you are already familiar with [[PrettyFaces]]. If not, I will give you a very short introduction taken from the project documentation:

PrettyFaces is:

“The open-source /url/#{rewriting} solution for Servlet, JSF, and Java EE, including features such as: page-load actions, seamless integration with faces navigation, dynamic view-id assignment, managed parameter parsing, and configuration-free compatibility with other web frameworks.”

[[Rewrite]], on the other hand, is a URL-rewriting framework built for extendability, for use with any web-framework or pure Servlet itself, and is used for the core of PrettyFaces “4.0” – bringing the best of both worlds… so that sounds very cool thus far, but what do we want to achieve with it? Why would we use either of these frameworks?