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Chapter 4. Order of Events

4.1. Request processing order
4.2. Configuration processing order

PrettyFaces follows a set order of events when processing each request. If a request is not mapped, or does not match a rewrite-rule, then the request will not be processed by PrettyFaces, and will continue normally.

  1. URL-matching, path-parameter parsing, query-parameter handling, and value injection into managed beans.

  2. DynaView calculation (if a view Id is dynamic, the EL method will be called.)

  3. PrettyFaces relinquishes control of the current request via RequestDispatcher.forward(“/context/faces/viewId.jsf”).

  4. If the view-ID is a JSF view, page-action methods are called after RESTORE_VIEW phase, unless the optional phaseId attribute is specified.

  5. The server continues to process the request as normal.