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  • Okay, here are my thoughts on your problems:

    Regarding the submit to attendReport.jsp instead of printAttendReport.jsp. I think this is correct and expected behavior. When the user clicks on the link on attendReport.jsp, JSF will perform a postback to this (the old) view. So the HTTP POST will be send to attendReport.jsp. Then you action should be called and after that printAttendReport.jsp will be rendered. Is your method printAttendReportAction() executed or not? If not, this might be caused by a validation failure on the first page. Did you include <h:messages/> on the page to verify this?

    Regarding the missing input values. This is very difficult to answer, as you didn’t include the <h:input*/> tags in the code you posted. But I think you are using a very unconventional way to access the input values (method getRequestParameter()). You should use standard Java bean properties and reference them with the value attribute of the <h:input*/> components.

    I hope this helps..

    in reply to: [solved] Constant URL in JSF application #19991

    I doubt that PrettyFaces is suitable in this case, as the concept of PrettyFaces is to embed information (query and/or path parameters) in the URL, which conflicts with your requirement.

    You could try to build some kind of master view, that conditionally renders other views (would be easy when you are using Facelets). The conditional rendering should be controlled by some kind of master bean, which is kept alive in the master view via <t:saveState/> or <a4j:keepAlive/> and knows the currently visible sub view. This bean could control which view is rendered (on which “page” the user currently is).

    This would constantly show one URL in the browser’s address bar.

    I’m sorry to ask this question, but what does this problem have to do with PrettyFaces? From your code it looks like you are not using PrettyFaces at all. Or am I mistaken?

    Are absolutely sure that your application runs with a Java 6 JRE? The isEmpty() method was added in Java 6. So this error looks like you are using an older JRE. Take a look here:

    in reply to: [solved] Strange exception !! #19961

    Looks similar to this one:

    Using version 3.0.1+ should fix this issue:


    Very strange issue! Seems like the exception is thrown here:


    I cannot see any reason why this could throw a NullPointerException (request is definitively not null at this point). Perhaps it’s a container issue? Do you can give any more information about the requests that fail with this error? Does it perhaps only happen once after a new deployment or more often?

    Which version of PrettyFaces are you using?

    This may help to determine the exact cause of this issue.

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