Why is the price of product different in the market?

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    When you buy any product, the first thing you pay attention to is the price. Why? Because people have been struggling for money all their lives. After all, there are not many people who truly realize the freedom of wealth, so regardless of their income, the price when buying goods is one of the first things to consider! Many people think about whether the price of this product is worth it or not when buying a product. Is it worth the price? Everyone is no exception when buying Japanese Fujimoto! Recently, many people have come to our Japan Fujisu official website to consult a pharmacist and ask why the prices of Japanese Fujisu are different? Next, the pharmacist will explain it for everyone.

    Why is the price of tengsu different in the market?

    The reason why the price of tengsu on the market is different and fluctuates greatly, mainly because there are too many counterfeit drugs on the market! Because, some fake medicine manufacturers produce holiday tentengin cost only 50 yuan, in order to want more people to buy their fake medicine, first of all, the first point must be a fuss on the price, in order to attract people to buy! Not only is there a fake drug website, but there are also 200-700 yuan tengsu in Xiaopi, PCHOME, and some open-air stores. What good effects can such a low price have? I believe everyone knows the reason why it can be sold so cheaply.

    This kind of counterfeit medicine can be directly distinguished from the true and false based on the price alone! why? Because, the production cost of authentic tengsu ingredients is far more than this price. If it is sold like this, I think tengsu manufacturers even if they have hundreds of acres of fertile land, it is not enough to compensate…Isn’t the salary of research and development drugs and scientific staff costless? ? The pricing of these counterfeit drug manufacturers is simply an insult to the IQ of consumers!

    How much is the price of authentic tengsu?

    Maybe many people want to know the price of authentic tengsu? Here, the pharmacist on the official website of tengsu can clearly tell you that the price set by the tengsu manufacturer is 1580 yuan a can, 3 cans for a course of treatment is 3580 yuan, two treatments are 6580 yuan, and three treatments are 9580 yuan. This is not The price plan that our official website makes at will, this manufacturer directly makes it, I hope everyone can see it clearly when buying tengsu, and don’t be greedy for sesame seeds and lose watermelon!

    I believe that many patients still feel that the price is too high, and they feel that they have spent 1,580 yuan to buy a can of tengsu, can they bring me 1,580 yuan? The pharmacist here can tell you clearly that authentic tengsu will bring you far more than 1,580 yuan, because the effect will definitely exceed your expectations!

    Pharmacist remind

    The above is today’s pharmacist explaining the price of tengsu for you. The pharmacist needs to remind everyone that some counterfeit drug manufacturers want to create a pair of counterfeit drugs that I sell expensively are genuine products, which makes many male friends feel that it is a penny. If you pay for it, the 日本藤素, which is relatively expensive, will definitely be a genuine product. In fact, this is just a trick used by some counterfeit drug manufacturers. This part of the black-hearted counterfeit drug manufacturers will increase their prices in order to quickly deceive consumers to obtain high returns. You also need to pay special attention to this point.

    If you have already purchased a counterfeit medicine, then the pharmacist asks you not to take it. After all, what damage the counterfeit medicine may cause to your body is not immeasurable!

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