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    i want to add url to navigate from page that views all users to a page that add new user

    and i am confused between using h:commandLink and pretty:link

    1- can anyone tell me the difference when to use this one or the other one, and in my exact case what to use.

    2- is pretty:link makes redirect or forward ?



    Hey mika,

    The h:commandLink component is used to execute actions on the server side. So JSF will ALWAYS perform a postback to the server and then executed the action referenced by the action attribute. This is even the case if you directly enter an action outcome in the action attribute of the commandLink. So if you use a h:commandLink you will always perform a postback followed by a redirect to the target page. I don’t recommend to use this pattern if you don’t have any code to be executed on the server side and just want to redirect the user to some target page.

    The pretty:link component renders a simple HTML link instead. So clicking this link will take the user directly to the target page without any postback. This is the preferred pattern if you simply want to get the user to the target page.




    @Christian, thanks a lot for the detailed info but you didn’t answered my second question.


    Sure I did. The pretty:link component creates a standard HTML link tag for the target URL. So clicking this link will result in a simple GET request to the “pretty” URL. So there is no redirect.



    but it changes the current url to the desired url, right ?


    Yes! It links to the pretty URL of the target mapping!



    Thanks Christian.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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