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    Please post any questions, feedback, or issues here. Thank you, and enjoy!


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    Great job :-)

    One question:

    Here is a mapping rule within my pretty-config file:

    <url-mapping id=”articles”>

    <pattern value=”/articles/#{articleBean.id}/”/>




    I go to this adress:


    and then:

    – my article.xhtml jsf page is loaded

    – my articleBean has its id set to 1

    – the boolean find() method is invoked

    This is what I expected.

    but finally,

    a forward in attempt to a page called ‘true’ or ‘false’..??

    Since I am in Development stage, I can see this error message:

    “Impossible de trouver un cas de navigation correspondant depuis l’ID de vue ‘/article.xhtml’ pour l’action ‘/article.xhtml’ avec le résultat ‘false’. ” (fr)

    which means

    “Impossible to find a corresponding navigation case/rule from the view id ‘/article.xhtml’ for the action ‘/article.xhtml’ with result ‘false’.”

    I though that the action tag was meant to call bean method, but it seems that the return value of those methods are used to somehow forward/redirect to another page after the method call.

    Is it normal?




    Yes, the return value of <action> methods is used to invoke JSF navigation. If you don’t wish to invoke navigation, you should return “”, null, or make the function void.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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