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    I’m pretty new to PrettyFaces so I apologize in advance if this question is answered somewhere else. Basically, I’m developing a JEE application with Weld and several Seam 3 modules (e.g., Faces, Persistence, etc.). Prior to integrating PrettyFaces, whenever I attempted to transition from one JSF page to another while operating within a conversation, a “cid” query parameter is added to my browser’s URL; this is obviously expected behavior. The problem is that, once I started using PrettyFaces and updated my URL mappings to use pretty URLs rather than the default ones based on my source code directory structure, the “cid” query parameter is no longer added to my browser’s URL. As a result, refreshes or page transitions fail to propagate the underlying conversation and my application fails to behave correctly.

    Could someone provide me with a PrettyFaces configuration example that shows how to work with CDI conversation IDs or provide me with insight on how to get past this problem? If additional information is needed to provide assistance, let me know and I’ll post what I can.



    Hey Derrick,

    Sorry for the slow response – I believe I know what is happening here, but could you post some sample code of the case you are talking about? Show us the code and the interaction that causes the CDI conversation to be lost. The conversations support in CDI is a bit fragile, but it should not be a problem with prettyfaces – it just takes the right implementation :)


    PS. How do you like the Seam 3 Faces module? I wrote that one as well ;)



    I’m having the same problem. Using Seam 3.1.Final, PrettyFaces 3.3.2, GF3.1.1. I basically have an action method that returns an outcome. When I return the outcome using a prettyfaces mapping id: “pretty:thingEdit” the conversation scope is not propagated. If I return the outcome “/thing/edit.jsf” the scope is propagated. By the way, I generally love Seam so nice job on that. I just wish it played better with Glassfish (still).


    Could you please tell us which versions of Mojarra and Weld are used in GF 3.1.1?

    And could you perhaps give the latest snapshot of 3.3.3 a try? We recently fixed a bug that may cause such behavior:




    I’m having the same problem. Using Seam 3.1.0Final, PrettyFace-jsf2 3.3.3, primefaces 3.2 and Mojarra 2.1.7-jbossorg-1

    Could you help me?


    Which container do you deploy to and which CDI implementation do you use?

    If I remember correctly Weld does a crappy job when appending the cid parameter.

    Perhaps this workaround works for you?



    Thank you. worked!

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