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    I’d like to build a global url pattern that allows an action to check if user is logged in and if no redirect to login page.

    I saw PrettyFaces examples that show this for one url mapping.

    My point is that I need a “super” url mapping that use all others url mapping..

    Something like

    <url-mapping id="security">
    <pattern value="/*" />

    <url-mapping id="admin">
    <pattern value="/admin" />

    Meaning that “security” url mapping id will be triggered before “admin” id and therefore redirect user if not logged and if pointing to /admin

    Is that possible with PrettyFaces.

    Thanks a lot for your answers



    @nicog: You have one real option right now.


    With version 3.1.1 (Currently 3.1.1-SNAPSHOT is available) you can add a ConfigurationPostProcessor which will add an Action to every URL-mapping:

    In the postProcessor, you would need to loop over all the elements in the configuration and add a “new UrlAction()” to your desired mappings.

    We are currently working on supporting inheritable actions via prettyfaces configuration, but it’s a complex issue and will probably need to wait for 3.1.2.



    there are great additional features in 3.1.1-SNAPSHOT!

    I will use this for sure to add it to all my mappings

    ConfigurationProvider is also great…job

    Thks a lot!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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