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    hi all,

    my pattern is this:


    <pattern value=”/page/#{name}” />



    i have table like that:

    columns: id, name(unique), pageName

    records: 1, exampleName , page.jsf

    2, deleteName , arcieve.jsf

    Now, when i wrote “”, it refers page.jsf. And if i write “”, it refers page.jsf. But i want it to refer archieve.jsf

    I want to evaluate pageName attribute of related record.

    If i wrote, i want to look that entity’s pageName attribute and refer to it.

    If pageName is page.jsf, it will refer to page.jsf. If it is archive.jsf, it will redirect archive.jsf.

    Is there any solution?




    You can achieve something like this using dynaviews:

    But please make sure to use the latest version of PrettyFaces because the latest releases contain some important bugfixes for dynaview.

    I hope this helps


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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