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    Our application uses JSF. We are using Pretty Faces 3.3.2 for creating bookmarkable URL. Our products’ SignOn page URL is #contextpath#/signOn.faces. We want to map it to #contextpath#/test/signOn.

    For this we did the following configuration:



    <filter-name>Pretty Filter</filter-name>




    <filter-name>Pretty Filter</filter-name>






    <url-mapping id=”signOn”>

    <pattern value=”/test/signOn” />

    <view-id value=”/signOn.faces” />


    And its working fine.

    Now once I login to the product, the URL displayed in my home page is like #contextpath#/<PA>/home.faces where <PA> can vary. We need to configure this to #contextpath#/<PA>.

    Our product has a chain of filters and in one of these filters only, this URL is formed and redirected. How can I achieve the URL mapping using Pretty Faces.




    To be honest, I don’t get how this <PA> is working (or should work) and how the filters relate to this. Do you want to map this parameter using path parameters to access it easily from within your beans? Or does the filter do this for you?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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