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    Details at: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9234178/prettyfaces-and-jsf-uiinclude-causing-action-method-to-be-called-twice

    Some more info:

    Using Mojarra JSF 2.0 implementation, myfaces 2.0.2

    Richfaces 4.1.0

    Servlet 3.0

    Tomcat 7.0




    Hey Eric,

    thanks for posting your problem here. I think something like this can be better discussed in the support forum.

    So you say the page action is executed more than once? You write that you are using Mojarra and MyFaces. So did you reproduce the issue with both implementations? Could you please post the exact version of Mojarra? You should also try to update MyFaces as 2.0.2 is really VERY old.




    Yes, tried it using both mojarra and myfaces. Sorry, that wasn’t real clear, i’m working quickly :)

    Exact mojarra version from jsf-impl:

    Bundle-Description: Mojarra JSF Implementation (javax.faces/2.0) 2.0.2

    I’ll see about updating implementation versions and see if anything comes of it. It will likely impact my project but I will try to isolate this issue best as I can.


    It would be great if you could try newer versions. I’m actually not 100% sure but I think it could be a bug in the JSF implementation if RENDER_RESPONSE is fired more than once. But I may be wrong.


    This does not sound like a PrettyFaces issue, but perhaps you could provide a sample application that reproduces the problem? This would help us debug.




    Working on multiple projects, sorry I haven’t been quick to respond.

    I was able to successfully integrate Mojarra 2.0.8 into my project with no problems, and the issue was still present. (2 calls if using ui:include, 1 call if not)

    I was unable to get MyFaces 2.0.12 to work in the time I allotted myself (Metric ton of not-serializable errors, views being shredded, etc), so we’ll just have to kind of go with the oracle impl.

    Working on a sample project to reproduce the issue. Any suggestions for clever ways to log FacesContext info to give a better clue as to what is going on behind the scenes would be greatly appreciated.


    You can create a phase listener that logs when all phases occur, and try to see what is going on in the faces lifecycle that way.

    You can also enable prettyfaces debug logging:

    http://ocpsoft.com/prettyfaces/#FAQ (see FAQ # 5)

    PS. Note that you can now attach zip files directly as attachments (as long as they are within a certain size – I believe 5mb)


    Hey Eric,

    I just tried to reproduce this issue with a small test project. But everything works fine in my tests. I attached the project to this post. Perhaps you could have a look at it?


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