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    Geoffrey Hayward


    I am using annotated @RequestScopped CDI beans with JSF, and everything is working fine. However, I cannot find any documentation on how to control trailing slashes when using the @Join annotation.

    Can someone point me in the correct direction?

    Many thanks


    There is a special rule for that:

    You should give it a try. I didn’t find any test case that shows how it is used, but it should be easy to get from the source.


    Geoffrey Hayward

    Hi Christian,

    Thank you for getting back to me. The link you sent is very helpful.

    Am I correct in thinking that with Rewrite it’s not passable to turn on/off trailing slashes for an individual rule without effecting the other rules? Unlike with PrettyFaces you could.

    Kind regards


    IIRC you can combine the TrailingSlash rule with other conditions to restrict for which URLs the rule should apply. Something like this:

    .addRule( TrailingSlash.append() )
    .when( Path.matches("/foobar/{*}") )

    But I don’t remember all the details.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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