Teaks and Mahoganies were/are rare jungle trees.

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    Woodcutting. Teaks and Mahoganies were/are rare jungle trees. Unless they include many exceptional resources to every single map area, what do you suggest they do? Most resources have to be implemented very carefully to be useful: Mahogany had the building ability, some hunter areas needed summoning, and so on.

    I really do believe the map should be a bit bigger (personally I want to see more modest villages etc with lots of farmland, could be handy for quests). With more property, Jagex has more to work with. For me, the closeness of Varrock, Edgeville and Gunnarsgrunn (a much better title than Barbarian Village, I despise the word barbarian unless used properly ) feels incorrect. If it were up to me I would make the game bigger, make the cities larger and cause them to feel more alive. Falador does not feel very city-like to me personally. Quisque est barbarus alio.

    Interesting to find a completely opposite perspective, Jethraw. While I feel more inclined to agree with you, I don’t agree that everything needs to have a use and all space has to be productive. For me, that ends up having a place like Burthorpe: it is lively, it’s crowded, and it is horrible to maintain because there are far too many NPCs, abilities, and ideas included (often where you may easily combine several NPCs and areas into one) and you eliminate the ambience that made the region interesting ahead.

    In a sense, Taverley was fine because it was calm, which made it feel like the sort of place where druids could hang out. It gave Burthorpe a motive, as it were, because they struggled to protect that place. The woods between them well illustrated a genuine difference between the 2 cities, and an honest shift in momentum.

    Although I wasn’t trying to explain agility shortcuts, I can see why it sounded like it. What I meant was that the particularly artificial blockades appeared ridiculous. If agility menus were to be redefined so that they weren’t linked to specific places but instead were specific activities (e.g. level 50, learn to climb any and all cliffs, level 80, learn how to climb ice with a couple of pickaxes) then these bounds would be more logical.

    Yeah, I don’t like what they have performed with Burthorpe and Taverly. There is no distinction between the two now, and it feels too packed with no sense of payoff. I remember having a plaza with a few stuff, like having a market in Burthorpe and a church (or perhaps a cathedral if we desired it to be a city…), but we surely need more space between Taverly and Burthorpe.

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