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    Economic resurgence! Woman, also regained consciousness in this quarter! Looks like is entrusted by no matter what, anxious in breaking through painstakingly greatly in all sorts of industries breaks through assaulting money domain, has put on the fashionable palace helmet and armor, is itching for a fight goes on stage meets head-on! The main axial color department, besides lingers the riotous color to spin, various brands are the force mold in their heart in abundance “the capable woman” the strong trend essence, 2011 spring summer’s woman, no longer was soft, has entrusted with more individualities, went out the agile self-female standard! Practices moral culture the western-style clothing Moroccan 豋 online you, this quarter the necessary western-style clothing jacket, with ease controls for you can the fashionable character and style, can also accompany your mechanical reactance summer day office air conditioning temperature difference change, the lower part of the body, regardless of makes contact with the short, the tutu or the foreign-style clothing…Can build 100 point fashionable feeling along with the nature! On Xiu field, by HERM? S horse-riding attire, most obviously strong trend model! In is joined to builds the deep V vest, reveals directs the person daydream the enterprise line, or tight-fitting exercises self-restraint the waistcoat filament to leave your wonderful waist, even transparent special characteristic’s in builds the unlined upper garment…Even if tailors the loose western-style clothing trousers 撘, can make your feminine qualities index broken watch! If you walk the delightful way, does not want to display tough too makes the human to your first impression actually step, that might as well chooses the soft coat which like CHANEL, on American brand PROENZA SCHOULER Xiu models puts on, makes you in graceful noble, also has a very sweet gentle warm feelings! In addition, Stella McCartney India gray western-style clothing and Paul & Joe slightly brings the Hippy wind dye printing western-style clothing, comes wilderness rich summer day atmosphere slightly, is really “FASHION QUEEN” this quarter love host pushes the funds! But like GUCCI, VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, MAX MARA 豔 the bright western-style clothes coat, is head of this quarter fashionable tendency, this strong orange color, even if has made contact with any deep color series winter clothing to the fall winter, also really builds as before has!

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