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    Sorry in advance if this question is answered elsewhere, but I can’t figure it out from a quick perusal of the documentation and site. I am not using PrettyFaces (yet), but want to know if when using it with commandLinks and commandButtons in a JSF2.0 app, whether the URL that displays in the browser’s status bar can also be “prettified.” One issue we have right now with our app is that not only is the actual address out of sync with the viewId (ie, it shows the postback page’s viewId rather than the redirect’s viewId, even if we’re doing a redirect and not just a forward), but it’s the same for what shows up in the status bar when you hover over a command component’s rendered button or link.

    Thanks for any feedback.



    When you do your JSF2 navigation, you need to ensure that you are using ?faces-redirect=true in your navigation action method return strings. If you are using faces-config.xml navigation, then you need to use the <redirect>true</redirect> element.





    Thanks, Lincoln

    I understand about using ?faces-redirect=true or <redirect> in faces-config. The issue is that the URL generated by the link (what you see in the status bar when you hover) still shows up as the postback URL, not the redirect URL. This is a picky thing, but I’m wondering whether PrettyFaces can address it. Does that make sense?


    I see.

    PrettyFaces should replace your generated link URLs properly if you’ve correctly set up the mappings, and supplied all required parameters to the given link component. If you could post your relevant configuration, link code, and the output you receive/expect, that would be help figure out what is wrong.





    Thanks again. I’m asking this question only to decide whether to present implementing PrettyFaces as an option for dealing with URL issues in our application, which is already in production. I won’t post code at this point, since we may take no action, and it will be up to others to decide.

    I think you’ve answered my question, though, in the affirmative.


    Ah! Sorry, yes I understand now.

    PrettyFaces will address the issues you’ve described. Simply design your application for normal JSF2 use, then add PrettyFaces and some URL-mappings, and your URLs will be cleaned up… Good luck and let us know if you have any trouble.




    The feedback is very much appreciated. I only wish we’d looked into implementing PF earlier in our project. Thanks.


    The good news is that adding PrettyFaces afterwards should present zero headaches! Good luck!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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