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    com.ocpsoft.pretty.faces.rewrite.Processor is a great idea. What about making Processor aware of business logic inside JSF classes? Is it possible?

    Somewhat like having ApplicationScoped managed bean implementing Processor interface and performing smart rewrites. Or other means of providing particular Processor instance to Pretty rewrite engine.


    I think we could do this. We are always looking for extension points that we can provide to make PrettyFaces more extensible.

    What’s your usecase for writing a custom Processor? Perhaps it is something we could integrate into PrettyFaces?


    This would be very hard to accomplish. Since PrettyFaces operates outside of the JSF lifecycle, you’d need to find another way to get access to the beans. If you (oswald) want to come up with a prototype, we can definitely work on it :)

    the dev mailing list is at: if you want to get involved in that.



    I thought more of some kind of dynamic lookup of Processor classes via the ServiceLoader. But this way the Processor instance would not be a JSF managed bean. But I think this won’t be a problem for most implementations of Processor I could think of.


    As long as the Bean Contexts are available to the Servlet Filter, this will work. I suppose I should rephrase this statement. This wouldn’t be too hard to accomplish, but will be tricky to get working reliably.

    Often, beans of certain scopes are not available until after the JSF lifecycle has begun. (Depends on the framework,) but that should not stop this general concept, merely certain applications of it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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