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    Hi sir,

    Am facing one issue

    i declared in pretty-config.xml

    <rewrite match=”/#{accountid}/#{title}/#{titleValue}” substitute=”/#{title}”/>

    <url-mapping id=”viewDetails”>
    <pattern value=”/o/viewDetails/#{accountid}/#{title}/#{titleValue}” />
    <view-id value=”/pages/viewDetails.xhtml” />

    Am getting error i.e.

    com.ocpsoft.pretty.PrettyException: Failed to parse PrettyFaces configuration from /WEB-INF/pretty-config.xml

    Please help me
    how cal i write dynamic rewrite rules?


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    You cannot use EL expressions like #{...} with <rewrite>. You have to use regular expressions instead:

    <rewrite match="/foo/(\w+)/" substitute="/bar/$1/" />



    You should probably take a look at Rewrite. It will allow you to create more dynamic rules:

    Specifically, you probably want to use the Join and/or Substitute configuration elements:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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