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    Hi, long time no see!

    This is not to raise any particular performance issue, but rather to get some information on plans and ongoing developments with regards to the subj. I saw 4-page “performance battle” here on the forum, but it was AFTER I had spent several days tuning and profiling my app to finally find out that it was Rewrite that had been making zillions of calls per request and taking 90% of its processing time))

    Lincoln, Christian, I’ve noticed that you’re now seriosly looking into this matter and have even promised to deliver some performance-related features in next version, and I have several question here:
    1) Are there any snapshot versions with these improvements already implemented?
    2) Are you targeting the performance of rewrite servlet only or *-integration-* projects are on the list as well? I havent looked into profiling data in very much detail yet, but my first impression was that rewrite-integration-faces, in particular, had been of comparable impact on the performance. I could be of some help here cause personally I’m not going to put up with these 90% of time taken of every smallest ajax call))




    Ooops, my bad, integration projects are performing perfectly, it was actually Mojarra that had been producing such HUGE delays.
    And whoever read this, I tell you what, NEVER EVER use Mojarra in its current level of technical and organisational maturity if you’re able and in position to switch onto Apache MyFaces!! Especially with ajaxified projects. I did the switch yesterday and now I have FIVE (!!) times increase in performance along with much lower memory and CPU footprints. It’s amazing.


    Hey 0swald,

    yeah, there have been some performance improvements in the latest snapshots. Unfortunately there snapshots are currently not automatically built and published to the Maven Repository (@lincoln: Any news on this one?). So unfortunately you will have to clone the repository from GitHub and build the snapshots yourself. But that’s actually really really easy:

    git clone
    cd rewrite
    mvn -DskipTests clean install

    (I added -DskipTests just because there seem to be some problems with the integration tests for some users. For me it is working fine. So it is worth a try to run it without that option).

    We would love to get feedback on the performance in the latest snapshots.

    PS: I agree that MyFaces is much faster than Mojarra. Although the latest Mojarra releases contain some more performance improvements.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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