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    My i18n url rule is working perfectly for incoming requests (ie /en/index.html)

    <url-mapping id=”lang”>

    <pattern value=”/#{locale.language}”/>


    <url-mapping id=”home” parentId=”lang”>

    <pattern value=”/index.html”/>

    <view-id value=”/index.xhtml”/>


    But I would like to have the url rewritten on outgoing requests as well, without having to manually specify a parameter for every navigation in my application. Is it possible to configure this rule so that the bean locale.language is called on outgoing requests?

    For example:

    <h:link value=”Home” outcome=”pretty:home”/>

    Instead of:

    <h:link value=”Home” outcome=”pretty:home”>

    <f:param name=”lang” value=”#{locale.language}”/>



    As far as I know, you should be able to omit the <f:param> and this should already work because you’ve used a Bean EL expression in the pattern of your “lang” mapping. Is this not working?



    Nope. Do you need more information? I’m new to this


    Yeah, Could you attach your project (or a sample that reproduces the problem) to this thread? You can use the file-upload below.

    It’s possible you found a bug, and it would be good to know this before releasing 3.3.3 today.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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