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    Hello guys, i hope if you can help me for this use cases:

    I work on project that basically contain over than 800 xhtml pages
    so, i want to rewrite urls of those pages dynamic depends the user entered.

    – i want to add on every url /private or /public depends the user entered for example :
    *user1 : http://localhost:8080/projectname/private/page1 instead of http://localhost:8080/projectname/page1.xhtml same work with other users

    – user1 have no access to public pages ===> http://localhost:8080/projectname/public/page1 (block in this case or redirection to another page )

    – delet .xhtml from url dynamically

    thnx in advance


    Hi there,

    I’m a little confused by your use of public/private, but please take a look at our examples for some inspiration –

    Rewrite is a very flexible framework so there are a lot of ways to solve this issue. My suggestion would be to start by writing a simple rule that does something you want, then expand it and add additional rules to cover all of your use cases.




    hey lincoln thnx for your reply, i don’t want something more custom and complicated because i’m just new user of rewrite framework.

    In my 1st case, i just want to delete .xhtml from all pages with dynamic way
    as i mentioned, i have hundreds pages.
    I’m gonna face a lot of duplication, i’m using addRule(Join.Path(“/path”).to(“path.xhtml”)) for each page

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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