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    I had a lot of trouble a while back trying prettyfaces 3.3.3 with CODI. Now JSF 2.2 and deltaspike have similar features and I’m curious about the level of support for this?

    What strategy should I use assuming I do want to rely on features that require ids?

    Today my site has some static rewrites, for example here:

    But individual blog posts can’t be rewritten today, it redirect loops or something as bad. This is because I use dynamic rewrite with EL-expressions and if someone get’s a link to a blog post but don’t have a windowId the rewrite and windowId append collides somehow. The CODI guys blamed prettyfaces and if I recall from googling you guys saw the fault as theirs.

    Anyways thanks for your frameworks and great stuff!



    Well, sorry you’re having trouble. It *should* work, but it depends on a lot of moving parts. If you upload an example maven project that reproduces the issue you’re having, we’ll be glad to take a look. It could be a bug in Rewrite, but without looking, we’ll never know 🙂

    Is that something you’d be able to do? Thanks!



    Hello Lincoln,

    I have never tried Rewrite 2 (does it support JSF?) My issues was with prettyfaces 3-3-3.

    I want to migrate to it if: a) it works with url ids and b) it supports JSF. I don’t care about keeping prettyfaces syntax or such things. I can rewrite 20 lines or whatever 😉

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    You probably do want to upgrade to Rewrite and the rewrite-config-prettyfaces module, but that may not solve your problem entirely, since the prettyfaces config code is largely the same as in 3.3.3, and you can keep your existing configuration.

    I assumed you were already using Rewrite, apologies 🙂 An example project of whatever you are using would be fine, but I would suggest trying to upgrade first.


    Hey karlkilden,

    we have migration guide that will help you if you want to migration from PrettyFaces 3.3.3 to Rewrite 2.x. Have a look here. I think this guide will answer many of your questions:

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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