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    I’m struggling with this:

    config.addRule( Join.path( “/from/{path}” ).to( “/to.html” ) )

    But this is always doing a forward. Sometimes we need redirects, but with Parametrization.

    So the user should be redirected (and see in the url) => “/to.html?path=foo”

    Is this anyhow possible?


    A join will always use a forward. If you want a redirect, use a rule like this:



    Thx, but this version is not adding the parameters as Query-Params:

    ConfigurationRuleBuilderPerform rule = config.addRule()

    from “/asdfasdf” this redirects me to “/foo.html” instead of “/foo.html?key=asdfasdf”

    any idea?


    AFAIK you have to add the query parameter manually to the redirection target. Something like this:


    Yeah, actually you need to add the query parameters directly in this case:

    ConfigurationRuleBuilderPerform rule = config.addRule()

    Ah yeah, Christian’s example is probably more what you want.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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