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    Will Durman

    I have downloaded the sample bookstore app, and it appears that when I run it the following annotations are not being processed:


    I am using JBoss AS 7, (with the Eclipse Juno IDE if it matters). The other Rewrite annotations appear to be working, as URL rewriting is functioning, but because the methods annotated with the above never are excecuted, the sample app does not load data as intended.

    Any hints on getting these annotations to be recognized?

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    Oh yeah, I just tested the bookstore app myself and something seems to be broken. I’ll have a look at it….


    Got it. The dependencies are incorrect. Please REMOVE the following two from the pom.xml:


    These are now part of rewrite-servlet and therefore having them in the pom messes up the annotation parsing.

    Thanks for pointing us to this. 🙂


    This will be updated in the next release of Rewrite. Thanks for your patience!


    Will Durman

    I removed the entries from pom.xml and the annotations now work as intended, thank you.


    Great! Thanks for confirming!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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