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    I am facing a strange problem. I have configured prettyfaces successfully.. but after that h:commandLink links are stopped working in my application. The page will not be submitted clicking these links. If I replace h:commandLink by h:commandButton or tomahawk implementation of t:commandLink, it works again. Do you have any idea why this is happening?





    its working Fine for me i m also using Preetyfaces have a look on this

    <h:commandLink value=”Recommend” action=”#{kuberSayManager.verifyCompany}” actionListener=”#{kuberSayManager.getIdName}” styleClass=”morelinks” rendered=”#{IsUserInRole}” >

    <f:attribute name=”companyId” value=”#{wh_company_info.whci_company_id}” />

    <f:attribute name=”companyName” value=”#{wh_company_info.whci_current_name}” />

    <f:attribute name=”nseCode” value=”#{wh_company_info.whci_nse_code}” />

    <f:attribute name=”bseCode” value=”#{wh_company_info.whci_bse_code}” />


    I have not getting any issue …Did u try debug wht is happing on click on the link…


    In order to diagnose your problem, we need more information.

    1. Code samples

    2. Version information. (JSF, PrettyFaces, Application Server, etc…)

    3. The generated HTML of the links.

    If you post this information, we will much better be able to help you. Without it, we won’t really know where to start. Thanks.



    1. Simplae command links like:





    <h:outputText styleClass=”cat_1″ value=”Buy Test”></h:outputText>

    <f:param name=”action” value=”makePayment”/>


    are not working.

    2. We are using jsf 1.2, prettyfaces 1.2.6, Tomcat 6 , spring 2.5

    3. for a line:

    <h:commandLink id=”link2″ action=”#{testDetailsAction.startTest}”

    rendered=”#{testDetailsAction.test.approvedQuestionsCount >0 && testDetailsAction.test.testType == 0}” >

    <h:graphicImage value=”/imgs/start_button.jpg”></h:graphicImage>

    <f:param name=”testId” value=”#{testDetailsAction.test.testId}”/>

    <f:param name=”action” value=”startTest”/>


    generated html code is:

    <a id="body:frmtestDetailsAction:link2" href="#" onclick="if(typeof jsfcljs == 'function'){jsfcljs(document.forms['body:frmtestDetailsAction'],'body:frmtestDetailsAction:link2,body:frmtestDetailsAction:link2,testId,12,action,startTest','');}return false"><img src="/skillGuru/imgs/start_button.jpg" /></a>


    What are the outputted URLs in the

    href=”…” part of the HTML


    Nevermind that last question. Did you make sure to put your command link in a form?

    try this version and tell me if the links work again:






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