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    Admin please Del topic thank you


    Hello Lincoln

    i use Pretty Faces and Navigation for Menu

    i use h:commandLink tag to navigation to other page example register page

    my code such as:

    <h:commandLink value="Register" action="register">

    in faces-config.xml i was navigation follow:


    in pretty-config.xml i was config chinhreg.xhtml to:

    `<url-mapping id=”mainRegister”>

    <pattern value=”/register” />



    i can access to http://localhost/myapp/register

    but when i redirect to menu page to chinhreg.xhtml it show full url of chinhreg.xhtml

    such as: http://localhost/com/content/register/chinhreg.xhtml

    why it not show http://localhost/register?

    please help me

    small question: how can i rediret with page include , i use ui:include in main page to include menu inside mainpage, it not redirect to chinhreg.xhtml, menu page just redirect when access it

    http://localhost/com/menu/menu.jsf <=== it can redirect to chinhreg.xhtml but when i access http://localhost/main <== and click on menu to register it not redirect

    Thank You

    Best Regards


    Hi Kency,

    Instead of deleting the post, could you tell us how you solved the issue?





    Hi Lincoln my code was wrong in h:commandLink, action of h:commandLink was wrong and i was fix it



    Hi Lincoln,

    I think it is a common issue with PrettyFaces: when JSF navigation rules are used PrettyFaces mapping does not have a chance to re-write outbound URL. I.e. there is no way to have a login URL written like this http://localhost/login if, for example, the following rule matches:





    <if>#{not identity.loggedIn}</if>





    with url mapping in pretty-config.xml like this:

    <url-mapping id="login">
    <pattern value="/#{tnt: serviceManager.tenantName}/login"/>
    <view-id value="/dir/login.jsf"/>

    Could it be caused by Seam Faces’ ViewConfig rule?:


    thank you.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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