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    I am developping a J2EE 6 application and, because I want it clean for users, Url rewriting is required. Since I use Seam Faces, it provides me a version of Pretty Faces out of the box. Test it, awesome, works fine. And then comes Rewrite, look at it, test it, awesome, works fine.

    And here is my headache : which one should I use ? It’s not like it is two concurrent projects, both are developped by OcpSoft. I’ve found no clear comparison between them. I don’t even know if I can use both without any problem. It’s just a small application, no big need.

    Would it be possible to know when we should prefer Pretty Faces or Rewrite or if we can use both ? Not sure about the last part since the first instruction of Rewrite is “It is recommended but not required to remove other URL-rewriting tools from your application before using Rewrite. If you choose to leave them in place, weird things may happen to you, be warned.”

    Thanks for your help in order to save my brain. Sorry for my bad english, trying to improve day after day.


    Hey Paul,

    PrettyFaces 3.3.2 is the current stable version. Lincoln and I are currently working on PrettyFaces 4.0. During this work Lincoln rewrote most of the core parts of PrettyFaces and separated them into the new project Rewrite. Our current plan is to build PrettyFaces 4.0 on top of Rewrite. So Rewrite will actually provide the core functionality for PrettyFaces 4.0. Rewrite currently only supports a programmatic configuration style. PrettyFaces 4.0 will certainly support more like XML and annotations. Further more Rewrite is a very modular and extensible framework. You can do nearly anything you like with it. So PrettyFaces 4.0 will certainly now allow to configure ALL of the Rewrite features with XML/annotations.

    I hope this clears up the current situation a bit. :)




    Thanks, I understand the relation between the two projects. I guess I will go with Pretty Faces 3.3.2 and looking forward to the 4.0 version.



    Is it correct to say that Pretty Faces == Url Rewrite + JSF components + configuration by annotations?

    Do I have to do anything to ensure that PrettyFaces 3, 4 are getting along with Seam Faces well? (ViewConfig)


    PrettyFaces 3.x is a separate library which focuses on URL rewriting for JSF. It provides configuration via XML and annotations and offers a view JSF components. But there is no more active development done for PrettyFaces.

    On the other side there is Rewrite. Rewrite is actually a completely new project which doesn’t only focus on JSF but on all web frameworks built on top of the Servlet spec. Rewrite is configured using a type-safe fluent Java API and recently added support for annotations. XML isn’t supported any more. The JSF integration module of Rewrite could be considered as something like PrettyFaces 4.0.

    I’m not aware of any problems when using Seam Faces with PrettyFaces/Rewrite. Actually Seam Faces internally also uses PrettyFaces (See [1]).


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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