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    I’ve got a project with prettyfaces and a default resource resolver which checks different jars for the file in the url. I want to use the pretty faces for the REST style paths but because it uses the request.forward the url doesn’t then get processed by the resource resolver and cannot find the final file.

    Has anyone had this issue and know a solution? I’m guessing that using the redirect option would fix the issue but this seems more of a hack as it would require another client-side request.


    Well, I would never consider another client-side redirect to be a hack if it works :) However, I’m not really sure why you’d be having problems?

    How is your resource resolver implemented and configured?



    Hi Lincoln,

    Thanks for your reply, I’ve configured the resolver in the web.xml:


    It just simple extends the default resolver and overrides the resolveUrl method, which never gets called.


    And this worked until you added PrettyFaces? Which version of JSF are you using? Because JSF2 introduces different parameters for this if I am not mistaken.



    Yes this is all working fine, it’s used a lot in the application. I’m using JSF 2 but I’m having to use a stand alone facelets as the facelets with JSF 2 won’t work with the richfaces library.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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