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    Arun Kumar

    I am using rewrite 1.0.3.Final in my pom. I have a src/main/java/com/example/rewrite/ which compiles fine and is in target/classes/

    I have created src/main/resources/META-INF/services/org.ocpsoft.rewrite.config.ConfigurationProvider which has a single line with “com.example.rewrite.RewriteConfiguration”

    I see the META-INF/services/org.ocpsoft.rewrite… in target/project folder as well as the WAR. Yet when I run the server, I find no messages in the console about “RewriteFilter” or ocpsoft.* Needless to say rewrite doesn’t work.

    I did see a forum post about the name of the file being META-INF/services/com.ocpsoft.rewrite… tried it but that didn’t work either.

    Also tried to deploy it on Tomcat 7.0.3 installed from distro packages with the same result. /var/log/tomcat7/catalina.out or any other log file there doesn’t contain any reference to RewriteFilter or ocpsoft.

    Environment – Eclipse 3.7, Maven 3.0, Tomcat 7.0.26

    Thanks in advance


    Did you set version=”3.0″ in your web.xml? This is required so that Tomcat automatically picks up the Rewrite Filter.


    Any luck with this issue? :)


    Arun Kumar

    Christian, Yes changing version to 3.0 helped. But ultimately it turned out that the target environment was WL 10.3.6 which only supports 2.5. So we’ve switched to a combination of Apache Shiro + Prettyfaces for auth/url-rewrite. Something I was hoping to handle using Rewrite.

    thanks for your help,



    Glad you found the root cause. And yes, unfortunately (in this case) Rewrite Servlet module requires Servlet 3.0


    Do we really use many of the Servlet 3.0 features? Other than web-fragment.xml of cause.


    No, I don’t think so, except for one of the rules that queries servlet mappings. And for getting the ServletContext out of the request.


    But the idea is that we are supporting EE6+, so – I think we should stick with 3.0.


    I’m fine with supporting EE6+

    I just was wondering whether people using Servlet 2.5 could use Rewrite by just manually adding some stuff to their web.xml. But Servlet 3.0 is state of the art, so let’s stick with that. :)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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