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    i have a String e.g. “Pretty Faces”
    But how can I do this String to pretty-faces?

    I created a method and put it in the @PostConstruct method.

    private String createCorrectString(String s) {
    		s = s.replaceAll(" ", "");
    		s = s.toUpperCase();
    		return s;

    Here my attribut:
    private String name;`

    and I put it in the @PostConstruct method:

    	public void init() throws UserPageNotFoundException, UserNotFoundException {
    			String s = userService.getLoggedinUser().getUserInfo()
    			name = createCorrectPseudonymName(name);

    I think my problem is the userService will not correct inject, name is everytime NULL.

    here my commandButton in the JSF-Page:
    `<p:menuitem value=”Show”
    <f:param name=”name”
    value=”#{}” />

    Could anybody help me, please



    i solved it with adding


    Glad you figured out the solution! Thanks for posting your answer.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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