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    Laabidi Raissi

    Hello guys,
    I think you forgot to update the XSD schema targetNamespace and XML namespace. They still are pointing to
    This is not a functional error. But IDEs always complain about it, marking the whole project with red flag.
    I uploaded a file here: in case you don’t want to lose time with it.


    To be honest, I don’t get why your IDE has problems with the schema. A standard pretty-config.xml should look like this:

    <pretty-config xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">

    The namespace is, which is fine (although the website is on .org now). According to the documentation the schema location is If you try to download the file, you will be redirected to which gives you the correct XSD. But of cause you could also change the schema location to the .org address if you like. But I think that IDEs should support getting redirected. 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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