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    I have an application with JSF1.2, Icefaces1.8.

    Now i am trying to add prettyFaces with my application.

    Can anyone please give a complete structure other than the documentation.

    it would be great if anybody can give a sample app.




    What additional information do you need beside the documentation? The configuration should be straight forward. Is the documentation missing something? If this is the case please tell us so we can improve it. :-)



    Thanks for the reply.

    ice:commandButton and ice:commandLink are not working with prettyFaces.

    This is the problem.



    It seems like many people here are using IceFaces together with PrettyFaces!

    Does anyone else know about this problem?


    Seems like iceFaces has a lot of problems with PrettyFaces — it would be nice to have some community members take a look into both ‘why’ and ‘how it can be enhanced,’ but I really think that there are some fundamental issues with icefaces that do not play well with URLs and bookmarking… I just haven’t had time to look in to it that deeply :(

    What do the IceFaces folks say about it?

    Also, it helps if you post your relevant configuration. It’s very difficult for us to help you if you just say, “It’s not working.” :) If you tell us how you have it set up, what versions of the technologies you are using, that might give us a start…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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