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    Hello Lincoln,

    I am planning to use PrettyFaces for my project which will use PrimeFaces. and I am trying to test the rewriting in PrimeFaces showcase. but something make me confused.

    here is my testing step:

    1: before applying PrettyFaces,the showcase is as following:

    1) when first acccess pagg, input:


    it will change to: http://localhost:8080/prime-showcase-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT/ui/home.jsf

    2) click any link, for example, “slider”, the URL changes to:


    All xhtml pages are in the same folder : prime-showcase-1.0.0-SNAPSHOTui

    no sub-folders.

    2: I add PrettyFaces into the showcase and add the following pretty-config(basing on the sample in prettyFaces doc):

    <url-mapping id=”home”>

    <pattern value=”/” />



    1) so if I access: http://localhost:8080/prime-showcase-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT

    it works and change to: http://localhost:8080/prime-showcase-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT/

    it is correct, right?

    2) but I hope if I click the link “slider”, the URL should show:


    (or http://localhost:8080/prime-showcase-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT/slider)

    what should I config?

    I have no idea for this setting. because from the doc, I found all files in <view-id> are located in different sub-folder, NOT in same folder.

    Please help to provide idea/solution.

    Thx a lot.



    BTW, all links use the tag <li contains <a,




    You need a mapping for each view file. PrettyFaces will not “clean up” URLs for resources unless you tell it to:

    <url-mapping id="slider">
    <pattern value="/slider" />

    <url-mapping id="ajax">
    <pattern value="/ajax" />

    Also, if the links are hard-coded with HTML, not using JSF components, I highly doubt that PrettyFaces will alter the HREF attribute. You’ll need to change these over to use <h:link> instead. Then PrettyFaces will correctly be able to modify the URLs.

    <h:link target="/ui/slider.jsf"/>
    <h:link target="/ui/ajax/ajaxHome.jsf"/>



    Hi, Lincoln,

    thx for your reply. per testing the two setting, found the first one which just setting a mapping for each view file, for example:

    <url-mapping id=”slider”>

    <pattern value=”/slider” />



    the result is not expected. still show /ui/slider.jsf

    for the second config, <h:link target=”/ui/slider.jsf”>slider</h:link>

    it always links to the previous link, it is too strange.

    but if I change the tag to <h:outputlink>, it works as expected.



    Hi, Lincoln,

    per testing again, found the following two setting works as expected:

    <url-mapping id=”calendar”>

    <pattern value=”/calendar” />



    1) <h:link outcome=”/ui/calendarHome.jsf”>calendarHome Test</h:link>

    2) <h:outputLink value=”#{request.contextPath}/ui/calendarHome.jsf”>TEST</h:outputLink>

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