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    We are using Pretty Url in our app to rewrite the awful, but required, JSF url’s.

    We’re using Spring on GAE, and must say that Pretty Url is absolutely fantastic!

    We do have one problem though, that we cannot see how to config Pretty Url to do the following that we could do with urlRewriter:

    <br />
    <outbound-rule encodefirst="true"><br />
    <condition name="user-agent">googlebot.*</condition><br />
    <from>^(.*);jsessionid=.*(?.*)$</from><br />
    <to>$1$2</to><br />
    </outbound-rule><br />

    The code above, allows us to remove the jsession variable (on any, and every, page) that is created because googlebot is a cookieless environment.

    Is it possible to do this with PrettyUrl?

    Sorry if this is a newbie question, but we are newbies to PrettyUrl.

    Thanks in advance for any help




    I think something like this is currently not possible with PrettyFaces. We don’t support extensive rewriting support for outbound URLs (beside the transparent rewriting of JSF URLs). Our rewriting engine currently focuses on inbound requests only as this is the part most people are interested in.

    However you may have a look at this thread for some additional information on jsessionid handling:


    Actually this should be possible using the <rewrite> tag:

    <rewrite inbound="false" outbound="true" match="(?i)^(.*);jsessionid=w+(.*)" substitute="$1$2" />

    That *should* do it, but you’ll have to try it to see… if it doesn’t we should figure out why not.


    Oh great! Why didn’t I know about the outbound flag? Must have missed that. :)

    The only thing that is still missing is the restriction to a specific user-agent. Perhaps we can implement matching against headers in the future. Perhaps during the header rewriting stuff we talked about.



    Thank you SO much!

    I’ll give this a go, and let you know the results!

    Unfortunately, We’re dealing with a much worse problem at the moment, and a live date is looming, so this may detract from testing this.

    I will raise a separate post for our current issue – Multiple Session Creation.

    But again, thanks for this.





    I heard, GoogleBot and all major search engines treat right jsessionid.

    jsessionid is a part of the servlet specification, it’s there to maintain session ID for browsers that do not support cookies. So eliminating it, violates specification.

    And that multiple session creation unlikely but may be caused by rewriting jsessionid’s.


    The specification also provides methods of removing the jsessinid. This is a completely normal thing to do :)


    Did it work?

    I have now the same problem that google list with appending jsessionid and I want to remove it properly without fails so can u provide the full rewrite?


    No one else with this problem?

    I get in all google links except the start page and appending jsessionid :(



    Mhmm… I think complete disable of jsessionid sounds nice. I think its a security risk too. I’ll try it later. Thanks for the tip :)



    yes, its a security risk.. just google for session hijacking






    should be fine in web.xml, or?



    if you replace ${session.timeout} with a concrete value (3600 e.g.), yes, it should do it.

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