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    i have a really annoying problem. My preRenderView method is triggered twice.

    Insert URL: http://localhost:8080/test/parameter

    Url output first time: /test/parameter

    Url output second time: /test/RES_NOT_FOUND

    I don’t know why it triggers preRenderView twice. With disabled prettyfaces everything works fine with http://localhost:8080/test.jsf?parameter=value

    Prettyfaces config:


    <pattern value=”/test/#{parameter}”></pattern>




    I’m using primefaces 3M4 + Mojarra 2.1.3 + Prettyfaces 3.3.1

    Is there any solution?


    Interesting issue. Could you post the relevant parts of your xhtml file and the bean?


    I tried to reproduce this but everything works fine in my test. I’m using the same setup (primefaces 3M4 + Mojarra 2.1.3 + Prettyfaces 3.3.1) and deployed the app to Tomcat 7.0.

    Are there any other libraries in your project? And could you post your web.xml?



    Thanks for your reply ;)

    I solved the problem.

    I have some jQuery statements in my body. In this example I try to call a function which highlights primefaces components after validation.




    After replacing h:outputScript to simple script tag it worked without duplicate calls.

    <script type=”text/javascript”>



    Very strange behaviour

    Thanks for your help ;)


    Awesome! Glad you got this working.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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