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    I have a Search Form executing below action
    <h:commandButton styleClass="btn" type="submit" value="Submit" action="pretty:job-search-results" inclueViewParams="true"> </h:commandButton>

    I configured mappings in pretty-config.xml

    <url-mapping id="customer-result">
    	<pattern value="/#{customerMBean.lookupId}/"/>
    	<view-id value="/pages/customer-result.xhtml"/> 
    <url-mapping id="mySearch-result">
    	<pattern value="/#{mySearchMBean.addressId}/"/>
    	<view-id value="/pages/mySearch-result.xhtml"/> 
    	<action onPostback="false">#{mySearchMBean.doLookupForAddress}</action>
    <url-mapping id="job-search-results">
    <pattern value="/#{searchJobsMBean.keySkills}/"/>
    	<view-id value="../jobs/job-search-results.xhtml"/>
    	 <action onPostback="false">#{searchJobsMBean.getJobs}</action> 

    The issue is whenever I execute job-search-results action (3 one) its executing first action by default.

    When I move the first two mappings to bottom of it, its executing correctly.

    Am I doing anything wrong here?


    The problem is that your mappings overlap. Imagine an URL like /contextpath/3/. How should PrettyFaces know which of the patterns should match? It cannot!

    You have basically two options. Either use custom regular expressions to ensure that for each URL only the relevant mapping matches.

    See: http://www.ocpsoft.org/docs/prettyfaces/3.3.3/en-US/html/Configuration.html#config.pathparams.regex

    Or prefix your URL with something that makes the patterns unique:

    <pattern value="/c/#{customerMBean.lookupId}/"/>
    <pattern value="/a/#{mySearchMBean.addressId}/"/>
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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