EL parameter value is not getting updatd, inside pattern

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    I have below mapping inside my pretty-config.xml which is getting invoked as link of page view-batchjob-details-cmn.xhtml

    link has parameter as below
    <f:param name="jobTitleurl" value="#{batchJobDetailsMBean.jobTitle}"/>

    <url-mapping id="view-job-details-cmn">
    	<pattern value="/jcmn/BBB}" />
    	<view-id value="/jcmn/view-batchjob-details.xhtml"/> 

    Displaying url, which is correct


    But below mapping is not displaying urlTitle value in url

    <url-mapping id="view-batchjob-details-cmn">
    	<pattern value="/jcmn/#{batchJobDetailsMBean.urlTitle}/" />
    	<view-id value="/jcmn/view-batchjob-details.xhtml"/> 

    view-batchjob-details-cmn.xhtml has view parameter like

    <f:viewParam name="jobTitleurl" value="#{batchJobDetailsMBean.urlTitle}" />

    Tried different ways but no luck, What is missing here?
    Thanks in adanvce.

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