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    Ove Ranheim


    I tried to build SocialPM yesterday, but without success. Can I find build instructions anywhere?



    Hey Oranheim,

    There should be build instructions in the file, but more-or-less, you just need to do the following:

    cd socialpm/
    mvn clean install
    cp socialpm-gwt/target/socialpm-gwt.war $DEPLOYMENTS_DIR

    Wherever your deployments directory may be.

    Alternatively, you can run this build once, then open the projects in eclipse using Google Plugins for Eclipse and M2Eclipse (Just don’t run “Project Clean” because it will delete the built GWT javascript and you’ll have to run the entire socialpm-gwt module build again.)

    Right now the project is begging for help in the UI – I haven’t been able to port much from JSF to GWT yet, but if you’d like to help, I’d love it!

    Sorry it’s not in a better state.



    Also, I believe it only runs on AS7 currently.


    Ove Ranheim

    Hi Lincoln,

    I successfully deployed it now. I just started in a new job, so I’m out of hours. The SocialPM is in intriguing demonstration of use with regards to Seam 3 and Rewrite.

    Why do you chose to use GWT and not JSF?



    Lessa Lucas

    Hi Lincoln,

    I’m from Brazil

    I tried to Build SocialPM today, but without success too.

    In this file README, I received this text “You must agree to the terms defined in LICENCE and COPYING before continuing.”

    I’d love to help you in this project.


    See you soon.


    Hey Ove, that’s fantastic! Glad to know you got it working – looking forward to working on it if you are game :)

    I chose GWT because I was tired of spending all my time working around JSF bugs. Now, even though I have to start over using GWT, I am happier with the results and programming model / architecture.

    Also, the Errai project is particularly interesting to me. Yeah… I think Rewrite was pretty interesting here as well.


    Hey Lessa!

    It sounds like you read the Parent README, where you should instead be looking is the GWT module, here:

    Looking forward to having help! If either of you want something to work on, and are looking for an idea, I’d be glad to lay out some tasks you can get started with. There is a lot to be done!



    Lessa Lucas

    Hey Lincoln,

    I tried running the following command “mvn gwt:run” in the terminal in the sub-directory C:Documents and Settingssysplan.lucaslessagitsocialpmgwt But the following error occurs that is attached.


    Yes. This is because you need to build the entire project *before* you run the GWT devmode server. You don’t have the SocialPM JPA module in your local maven repository, so this exception is excpected.

    I’ll update the instructions with this information.


    The instructions have been updated – please note they are now located in the root of the project to avoid the same confusion you ran in to :)


    Lessa Lucas

    Thanks Lincoln,

    It worked perfectly.

    I have a question.

    What is the supported database for this application?

    This queryes in attached are correct?




    Yes the queries should be correct. I’m not sure why you are seeing that error. The query you’re referencing is actually not used yet, but it will be soon :) If it does turn out to be incorrect, no worries, we can just fix it!

    Currently the application supports HSQLDB in memory, but this is changeable by modifying persistence.xml.

    The production database support will most likely be MySQLdb.



    Lessa Lucas

    Hi Lincoln,

    This problem occurs when I try to run the deploy, look the attachments.

    Sorry to be bothering you.



    LOL! That’s a new one… undeploy the sources ;) I don’t know why that would happen, but it’s not related to the project itself.


    Lessa Lucas

    Lincoln, could you send me your project compressed. Do you use the eclipse IDE?

    send to, please.

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