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    I tried to build SocialPM, but looks like <groupId>org.jboss.errai</groupId> <artifactId>errai-javaee-all</artifactId> doesn’t exist(anymore)? I couldn’t find it in the repositories. So I pasted the dependencies for Errai 2.1-SNAPSHOT by my own, but the class

    org.jboss.errai.ui.shared.api.annotations.Datafield.class is missing.

    [ERROR][8,48] cannot find symbol

    symbol : class DataField

    location: package org.jboss.errai.ui.shared.api.annotations

    cheers, joern


    Hi! Sorry for the late reply. For some reason I stopped getting forum notifications :) Looking in to that.

    Anyway, yes, currently you need to build Errai yourself, since it is a snapshot version of 2.1.

    Once you do that and install the jars into your local maven repository, you should be able to build socialpm!

    We need a lot of help with SocialPM. Are you interested?


    Sorry for the trouble :)



    Errai 2.1-SNAPSHOT should now be in the JBoss repository, so you should not need to build it from source anymore :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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