All my other skills are low so im going to train them

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    I have a level 3 skiller… I’m working on runecrafting off and on, but fire crafting is getting a little slow…I will do about 1200 ess an hour (because I am not that quickly and have a laggy upload on my satellite net ), but that is kinda slow today also. I am wondering whether a level could survive the ZMI altar. I know there’s a safe path, and a lender that you may access with”junk” runes. I can nearly earn 4 airs per ess, and I sell de ess for triple the normal ess, so that I could make a couple thousand air runes rather readily. However, my questions could be: 1)What is guarding the entry. . .Will a level 3 be able to get in without dieing, or will I need to take some friends to distract monsters? 2)Is the safe route 100% secure, or are there still monsters that are considered”safe” for routine combat characters?

    I think Kalipop means that to teleport to the altar, you have to have done Lunar Diplomacy. The safe course is almost entirely safe, and should you do it on the ZMI entire world, I do not think you’ll need to think about being assaulted. But your statement concerning the air runes confuses me. You know the runes you get at ZMI are completely arbitrary, right? The 20 runes would be the”crap” runes it takes to get into the lender. Since I can make airs quickly, they’d be an effective junk rune for me personally. But from what everyone is saying, 33 runecrafting would not make me great experience there at all? Since I’m mining my ess, the greatest I can lose is. All I care about is the rate of XP. Could I gain more XP using the ZMI altar than fire crafting with dueling rings?

    All my other skills are low so im going to train them. However, I do not know the aims I ould achieve so that I can really do things in mems. I would like to kbd and kalphite queen search but also more things so what goals should I have. Please I want to do a few quests but I have no clue what quests I should start. I am able to afford any Item under 1mill which I will be needing (anything over 1mill I’ll refuse to purchase ). Okay thanks, Please I need some soon! What’s the quickest way to get these levels up so that I could do Legends? And also the cheapest?

    Herblore- Kill Chaos Druids in Edgeville Dungeon or the tower in Ardougne. They fall herbs like crazy. Typically, you might get lots of herbs and vials of water to create unfinished potions. Then just collect the secondary ingrediants when required. When you can make Prayer Potions, then the Chaos Druids are a fantastic way since they fall Ranarrs and Snape Grass. This makes it convinent to obtain some experience whilst doing runs. Agility- Barbarian Agility Course for fast, adequate experience; personally, I did it this way. It should take about 3-4 days depending on how much time spent on the sport. Brimhaven Agility Course is slower, however, you can trade your tickets to get a really good quantity of expertise.

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