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    From PF 3 my application has been working very, very slowly. Today I have downloaded 3.3.0 and at last I can have fun to use my application. I don’t know what have you changed, but stay at this solution.

    I don’t know why from version 3 performance was so bad. I haven’t written earlier about this problem, couse my project is in progress so I could wait for new version ;). So I have been waiting for long time and today at last surprise ;).

    Could you tell me, what have you changed and where was a bug?



    are you running jetty? there was a bug with slow performance on jetty.

    for the future: please report bugs if you encounter them. If you simply wait for someone else to do that, it may happen that the bug will not get fixed and so you’d be waiting far beyond your projects development-/lifetime.


    Yes, another way around this issue is to use the “Production” JSF PROJECT_STAGE. Using development on Jetty prior to 3.3.0-SNAPSHOT has major performance issues (fixed by @chkal)



    I use only Tomcat. I didn’t use Jetty. But performence was terrible. I was close to looking for another solution for pretty links ;). Now I can focus on testing my application not waiting for loading page :).

    I will report in the future all founded problems. You are right, waiting is not good idea.


    Just a few last words on this topic. Yes, we recently changed some internals of PrettyFaces that could have caused performance problems. They showed up on Jetty first but I think they may also have occurred under one of the following circumstances:

    • The webapp has a huge amount of classes in its /WEB-INF/classes folder
    • PrettyFaces was configured to scan /WEB-INF/lib folder for annotations
    • The application loads many resources for each page (images, CSS, etc.)

    However I think this should be fixed now! :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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